Faculty & Staff

Kimberly Adams

Academic Success Center Coordinator; Reading Instructor

Jessica Alphin, R.R.T.

Director of Clinical Education/Respiratory Instructor

Mary Anderson

Assistant Director of Admissions, VA Representative

Linda Anderson

Fiscal Support Technician-Accounts Payable

Dr. Brad Baine

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Sheila Baltz

Adult Education Instructor

Ricky Barker

Machine Tool Technology Instructor

Jared Bassham

Law Enforcement Instructor

Kimberly Bigger


Paige Bishop

Food Preparation Coordinator

Patti Blaxton

Director of Corporate and Community Education, Pocahontas

Peter Ashley Boles

B.A.T. Project Instructor

Katrina Bozarth

Administrative Specialist II

Dana Bradford

Corporate & Community Education Coordinator/Instructor

Misty Bradley

Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Bradley Caffrey

Cafeteria/Purchasing Assistant

Kelsie Cagle

Nursing Instructor

Janie Campbell

Administrative Specialist III-Academic Affairs

Brook Cato

Science Instructor

Jonathan Checkett

Computer Support Technician

Brandi Chester

Director of Financial Aid

Dana Clay

Academic Advisor Allied Health

Courtney M. Clements

English Instructor

Charles Coe

Gunsmithing Instructor

Elizabeth Collins

Communications Specialist

Ashley Conrey

Financial Aid Advisor

Rhonda Crabtree

Director of Career Pathways

Darlene Crawford

Bookstore Office Manager

Randall Creach

Landscape Technician

Jason Crow

Maintenance Assistant

Jessica Crow

Administrative Specialist

Larry “Butch” Dail

Automotive Collision Instructor

Beth Davis

Phlebotomy Instructor

Margo Davis

Career Pathways Coordinator of Recruitment, Retention, and Placement

Travis A. DeClerk

Automotive Service Technology Instructor

Jack DeLoach

Electricity Instructor

Christina Derbes

Dietetics Instructor

Phillip Dickson

Dean of Business & Technical Education; Title IX Coordinator

Dane Dillion

Public Safety Officer

Carl Dyer

Law Enforcement Instructor

Joshua Earley

Skilled Tradesman Electricity

Beverly Edington

Fiscal Support Specialist

Julie Edington

Executive Director of Human Resources, Title IX Deputy Coordinator for Faculty/Staff

Dr. Martin Eggensperger


Joan Eveland

Adult Education Instructor

Erin Faulkner

Phlebotomy Instructor

Nancy Felts

Nursing Instructor

Rex Flagg

Science Instructor

Dr. Dianna Fraley

History Instructor

Angie French

Director of Admissions, Title IX Investigator

Amber B Green

Assistant Director of Human Resources

Michael Greene

Director of Technology

Tammy Greer

Food Preparation Specialist

Lynda Griffin

Science Instructor

Sherry Griggs

Accountant I

Kelly Grooms

Fine Arts Instructor

Bridget Guess

Academic Advisor, ADA Coordinator

Rickie Gunn

Welding Instructor

Janna Guthrey

Administrative Assistant

Rachel Hall

Administrative Specialist II-Paragould Academics

Brittany Hall

Career Coach

Ashley K. Hankins

Instructional Designer, Phi Theta Kappa advisor, Student Government Association advisor

Chris Hankins

Law Enforcement Instructor

Tonya Hankins

Director of Practical Nursing

Kellee Hardage

Business Instructor

Travis Harris

Mathematics Instructor

Janice Harvey

Campus Store and Procurement Manager

Neal Harwell

Dean of Students

Photo of Alan Haskins

Alan Haskins

Fire Science Instructor

Jennifer Hibbard

Nursing Instructor

Kenny Higginbotham

CDL Instructor

Ramonda Housh, APRN

Dean of Nursing & Allied Health; RN Program Chair; Title IX Confidential Contact

John Huggins

Science Instructor

Laddie Hunter

English Instructor

Trent Ingram

Director of Physical Plant

Lisa Inman

English Instructor

Amanda Junkersfeld

Nursing Clinical Site Coordinator

Shaylee Junkersfeld


Bridgette Kasinger

Simulation Lab Facilitator

Erin Kerley-Mathews

Admissions Counselor

Darenda Kersey

Director of Career, Technical, and Concurrent Education

Katelyn Koons

Nursing Instructor

Tammie Lemmons

Director of Adult Education

Shawna Lepard

Administrative Specialist II

Photo of Karen Powers Liebhaber

Karen Powers Liebhaber

Vice President of Institutional Advancement

Jason Linam

Director of Respiratory Care

Joan Linnstaedter

English Instructor

Photo of Aja Lloyd

Aja Lloyd

Chemistry Instructor

Angela Loveless

Adult Education Instructor

Arthur Mallory

CDL Instructor

Kiaya Mann

Registered Nursing Faculty

Debbie Martin

Administrative Specialist II

Drew McGhehey

Default Prevention Specialist

Brittany Milligan

Library Technician

Regina Moore

Director of Distance Education

Eugenia Morris

Administrative Specialist I

Mark Mosier

Law Enforcement Instructor

Thomas Nelson

Public Safety Officer-Paragould Campus

Holli Nitzsche

Certified Nursing Assistant

Shannon B. Ogden

Business Instructor, PBL Advisor

Ronald Patterson

Academic Advisor

Daphne Perkins

Mathematics Instructor

Darren Plaster

Law Enforcement Instructor

Amanda Plumley

Nursing Instructor

Casse Redus

IT Manager-SIS Support

Kimberly Riddle

Administrative Specialist II for Physical Plant

Lisa Robertson

Fiscal Support Technician

Bridgette Rose

Administrative Specialist III

Cyndi Rudi

Administrative Specialist II

Rhonda Sade

Bookstore Assistant

Patricia Sanderson

Workforce Program Development Coordinator

Shana Sartain

Director of SIS and Research

Tony Saylors

Public Safety Officer Supervisor

Susan Shanlever

Business Instructor

Francesca Shearer

Career Coach, Paragould High School

Cally Shore

Program Specialist

Steve Shults

Director of Law Enforcement Training

Rebecca Simpson

Practical Nursing Instructor

Matthew Smith

Paramedic Program Director

Jason Smith

Vice President of Student Affairs

Donna L. Statler

Dean for General Studies

Douglas Lynn Steele

Skilled Tradesman

Lindsay Stewart

Career Coach-Pocahontas High School

Priscilla Stillwell

Executive Director of Paragould Operations

Allen Stillwell

Maintenance Assistant

Rhonda C. Stone, CPA, CGMA

Vice President of Finance

Jessica Stout

Mathematics Instructor

Tina K. Stroud

Nursing Instructor

Eric Sullinger

Network and Support Administrator

Kimberly Taylor

Administrative Specialist

Elizabeth Thompson

Adult Education Instructor

Shauna Throesch

Agriculture Instructor

Tamela Thurman

Adult Education Instructor

Abigail Tyler

Career Coach/Sloan Hendrix-Walnut Ridge

Mark Warnick

Library Director

Kelly Williams

Maintenance Assistant

Holly Winslow

Certified Nursing Instructor

John Wren

Skilled Tradesman