Arkansas is the premier duck hunting destination in the U.S.

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson and SIG SAUER Representatives

Gunsmith Student at Trinidad State Junior College

Gary Meier, Machine Tool Instructor, Demonstrating TIG Welding

CNC Milling Machines in BRTC Machine Shop

Metal Lathes in BRTC Machine Shop

BRTC Paragould Welding Lab

Shooting Range

150-Yard Shooting Range with Concrete Firing Points

Repairing Pitting in a Shotgun Barrel

Refinishing a Gun Stock with Boiled Linseed Oil

Tapping a Blind Hole in a Rifle

Tapping a Blind Hole in a Rifle, Zoomed

Reboring a Rifle Barrel

Restoring an Old Shotgun

Rethreading a Barrel

High School Girls at School Trap Competition