BRTC Shares Accreditation Knowledge with Other AR 2-Year Colleges

POCAHONTAS, AR  Jan. 14 — Less than 2 years ago, BRTC was working to correct issues with their accreditor.  Now, BRTC employees are sharing their knowledge with other Arkansas 2-year colleges.

Arkansas colleges are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) which is based in Chicago.  Accreditation is a process of validation by which colleges and universities are evaluated and must meet a minimum set of standards.  In 2012, BRTC ran into trouble with HLC but addressed all of its issues by 2018.

In mid-August 2019, new BRTC president Dr. Martin Eggensperger led a group from BRTC and ASU Mountain Home in an HLC mock visit at East Arkansas Community College.  During a mock visit, guests from other colleges provide accreditation guidance, practice, and feedback in order to help faculty and staff prepare for an upcoming HLC visit.  Visitors stage meetings similar to HLC’s so faculty and staff have the chance to ask questions and experience what the meetings will be like.

Dr. Eggensperger has served as an HLC peer reviewer himself, having actually evaluated other institutions across the nation for HLC in the past.  He and other past and current HLC peer reviewers across Arkansas enjoy helping colleges prepare for their evaluations.

In mid-August, Dr. Eggensperger was joined by BRTC vice presidents Jason Smith and Karen Liebhaber.  In November, Sissy Gray, Director of Assessment and Accreditation, served with him in a mock visit at the University of Arkansas, Pulaski Technical College.  Next week on January 17, Regina Moore, Director of Distance Education and Instructional Technology, will join Dr. Eggensperger in a mock visit at Southeast Arkansas Community College in Pine Bluff.

“I hope being a part of these mock visits,” Dr. Eggensperger said, “will enable BRTC leaders to understand accreditation more deeply.”  One way he achieves this is by blending mock visit teams with BRTC faculty and staff.

As more requests come for mock visits come from other institutions, BRTC employees are excited to help their peers across the state.

For more information, contact Director of Assessment and Accreditation Sissy Gray at (870) 248-4119 or